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Twelve Months to Leadership Brilliance

Our B band Talent embarked on a thrilling development journey over 12-months, from October 2022 to September 2023. The Field Manager in Training Programme (FMIT) aims to propel them towards boundless growth. The journey is designed to unlock their potential, offering a unique blend of hands-on experience, social engagement and formal education, all in the pursuit of nurturing extraordinary Field Managers from within!

Congratulations to all the graduates. We wish you a fruitful journey ahead! Here's what some of our FMIT delegates have to say:

Talelani Mudzuli

“Each day was different from the next. You were challenged both personally and professionally each day to grow. I learned a lot from the FMIT Programme but the most important thing I have learned is accountability. I have also learned that there are no limits to what the mind can do, every day is an opportunity to learn something new in your field of training. I enjoyed working with my co-workers as different as we were we all had one goal: to help grow the company and develop ourselves in the process”.

Thokozani Gwala

“Working for Smollan has got to be the greatest opportunity in my life because I met incredible colleagues, they encouraged me all the time and put me under their wing until I was familiar with everything.  Not to mention my Regional Manager Sharon, she is such an amazing person as her door was always open for me and she always had faith in me and would let me know if I am not performing up to my standard. I am grateful for the opportunity because I learnt a lot”.

Reginald Shimi Molaudzi

“Thank you to the team and Michelle and the FMIT team for the opportunity They have been great help throughout. Secondly, I want to thank my own team, Pretoria Inland, they have been awesome and made my cycle and T&A rock, thank you.  At first, I was doubtful if this was the business unit, I wanted to be in but through the help and support I received during the transition, I found my footing. Thank you to Smollan for believing in me and my capabilities!​​​​

Mancoba Treasure Sigudla

“It’s been a fantastic, wonderful and challenging journey with Smollan. This programme enlightens you with the depth of retail and FMCG operations, which trains you to become a good manager. I have faced day to day challenges, and you must be able to resolve them by implementing all the knowledge from learned into real action. The most exciting part is dealing with different types of people from different backgrounds and getting to know how they think and be able to instill some significant operational knowledge and winning spirit. All in all, thank you Smollan for the opportunity given to learn and grow within the company”.

Thebe Medupe

“My experience here at Smollan has been very fruitful and knowledgeable with expectations that test your ability and endurance. I have learnt to work under tremendous pressure to provide and attain what the client needs and deserves”.